Children’s Section

The Commission Agreement:

You commission me to make a fun portrait of your child with her or his personal objects etc, in A3+ format (30-cm x 46-cm) at 3500 Euros

You may request me to supply any required number of copies in A3+ format at 1500 Euros each.

You may request a larger format (approximately 60-cm x 80-cm prints) at 5000 Euros each.

The full resolution digital media of each Personal Art Photograph shall remain my personal property.

I will keep 3 editions of this work in size A3+ and 10 in a larger format for future personal exhibitions.

A deposit of 50% of the total commission is due at the beginning of the project.

Payment of the remaining 50% balance of the total commission is due within 14 days of delivery.

Variations to this agreement are only valid in writing and by mutual consent.

This agreement may not be terminated by either party.